I write at CogZest, CogSci Apps, mySleepButton and SFU

March 28, 2018

I created this WordPress account in 2009, but as you can see, I have not been blogging directly on this platform. I am a cognitive scientist. Here’s where I have been blogging and publishing.

  1. On CogZest : where I write the most. This site focuses mainly on using information technology with cognitive science to learn from expository knowledge and art. (Self-directed learning for knowledge workers)
  2. On mySleepButton: I write about sleep (and lack of it), emotions and the mySleepButton app.
  3. On CogSci Apps: As of 2018-03, I will be writing occasionally on issues related to this company, which makes mySleepButton and an upcoming macOS app that is designed to help you apply knowledge (with IT and cognitive science)
  4. At Simon Fraser University , which is in Metro-Vancouver, BC, Canada. Infrequently, however.
  5. My research publications page on ResearchGate.
  6. My books on Leanpub and iBookstore; and they will return to Amazon soon.
  7. SharpBrains. I occasionally am a guest writer on that website.

Most of my writing, however, remains “in house”.


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